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1. Your Domain Name is valid for one (1) year after which you may choose to RENEW, TRANSFER or allow to EXPIRE.

2. You will be notified three (3) months before expiration to give you ample time to decide what to do with your Domain Name.

3. In situation where Domain Name is allowed to expire, a PENALTY FEE will be charged for TRANSFERS or RENEWALS.

4. All Domain Names including yours, are subject to screening and constant monitoring by the Internet Crime Complaint Centre (ic3) to fish out and also prevent fraudulent websites from carrying out harmful activities such as auction fraud, counterfeit cashier's check, credit card fraud, debt elimination, parcel courier email scheme, employment/business opportunities, escrow services fraud, identity theft, internet extortion, investment fraud, lotteries, 419, phishing, spoofing, ponzi, reshipping, spam, third party receiver of funds.

5. If your domain is found to be involved in one or more of the above listed prohibited activities, it will be locked permanently and your money will not be refunded.

6. If your case is a mistake or your activities misunderstood, please contact your registrar and you will be given a chance to redeem your domain name.

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