New domain extensions such as .online, .music, .inc and even .pizza for the first time.
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1. What are new TLDs?

TLD stands for "top-level domain." TLDs are part of the internet's domain name system (DNS). We often refer to TLDs as domains or extensions. Some of the most common and easily recognized extensions are .com, .net, .biz and .org.
In 2014 and the few years following, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) will release over 1400 new extensions, covering new areas such as technology, industry, geographic locations and hobbies. The web will look very different as a result, and businesses will have the opportunity to enjoy better visibility, higher traffic and more effective branding.

2. What is TLD Explorer?

Our TLD Explorer is more than just a checklist – it allows you to easily watch and manage hundreds of new TLDs and domain names. With this friendly, state-of-the-art tool, you can:
  Watch a TLD of interest to you

  Watch a specific domain name within a TLD of interest, even after that TLD is available for registration

  Pre-order a domain name

  Register a domain name in General Availability

  Browse hundreds of TLDs and customize the view

3. What is pre-ordering?

Pre-ordering is your opportunity to register a desired domain name at the very beginning of General Availability. It is available for any TLD with a known price, until 25 hours before the domain enters the General Availability phase. Pre-ordering does not guarantee you’ll get your desired domain name, but it does ensure your claim will be processed at the earliest opportunity.

4. How do I pay for pre-ordering?

You pay for pre-ordering in two steps - first, the pre-order service fee of $3 and then the registration fee. You can choose any payment method for the pre-order service fee. However your pre-order will only be submitted for registration if you have sufficient funds in your Advert Africa account to cover the registration price plus ICANN fee. These funds will be placed on hold 24 hours before the TLD launches into General Availability (GA). If you have missed the 24 hour deadline you may add funds up to 1 hour prior to GA, but in case of multiple requests the domain will be awarded to the next person in line who had the funds available before you.

5. When do you perform registration for pre-orders?

We'll attempt to register your pre-ordered domain names as soon as the TLD enters General Availability. We do not provide registration for TLDs in the Sunrise phase, though we do support early registration opportunities for some TLDs.

6. What is the pre-order fee?

It is a small service fee of $3 that we charge for pre-ordering. It is fully refunded to your Advert Africa account funds if we are unable to register your pre-ordered domain.

7. Does pre-order guarantee I'll get a domain registered?

Unfortunately, pre-order does not guarantee registration of your desired domain name. It’s possible your pre-ordered domain name will be allocated to another Advert Africa customer who pre-ordered before you or registered by a different registrar.

8. Things to keep in mind:

Premium and trademarked domains cannot be registered via pre-order. Pre-order does not guarantee future registration of the domain name. Domain pre-orders cannot be cancelled. If we are unable to register your pre-ordered domain, the pre-order fee will be refunded to your Advert Africa account funds.
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